About Mr. G

It all started exactly one year ago whilst walking ‘El Camino Frances’ towards Santiago de Compostela. For those of you who don’t know is a pilgrimage that starts in the French Pyrenees leading towards the north of Spain arriving in Santiago. It took me 33 days & 800KM to get there; my story & experiences will be shared in my blog.

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Mario Puccini an Italian with Colombian roots, living in Notting Hill. After almost two decades of curious, inspirational, practical & fun travel I want to share my travel guides & experiences. The digital platform is named after my Italian nickname: Mr. Giramondo or Globetrotter in English.

The idea behind Mr. G is to create a community of like-minded individuals with the passion for travel, nature, the arts, exploring different cultures & learning from them to become better human beings.

I will play the role of the facilitator to enhance your travel experiences and take them to another level. Above all encouraging you to have a sense of belonging, to feel local rather than a stranger in any given destination.

90% of the places listed in these guides I have personally visited & had a positive experience out of them, reason being I want to share them. I am aware there are many individuals of different walks of life with diverse tastes & likes, apologies in advance if you get disappointed with any of my recommendations. Bare in mind we are always in constant evolution, so places are subject to change. Be receptive and tolerant towards to this matter.

This is just an Avant-gout; Mr. G will become the greatest digital communication platform for leisure, travel & tourism industry.

May all beings be happy!

Much metta,


Mario P. aka Mr. G